The Erie canal
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Other Images of the Erie Canal

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Life on the Erie Canal

A bargeman's family Some barges have cabins amidship Cabins on canal barges are 'home' to many a family
"Many of the bargemen have their families with them." "Some barges have cabins amidship which are often spacious and can accommodate a large family." "Cabins on canal barges are 'home' to many a family."
Scenes on the Erie Canal, New York, taken in October 1941 by John Collier, (1913-), photographer (LC-USF34-081344-D [P&P] -- Farm Security Administration ; Office of War Information Photograph Collection, Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division Washington, DC)


Miscellaneous Erie Canal Images

Guard-gate across the Barge Canal  
"Guard-gate across the Barge Canal" -- from: Annual report of the State Engineer and Surveyor for the year ended June 30, 1919 / State of New York (Albany : J.B. Lyon Co., printers, 1920) -- facing p. 176.  


Tolls, Fares, Distances, etc.

boat sizes list of fares for 1846
Evolution of boats used on
Erie Canal, 1825-1899
"To and from Albany and Buffalo, by the Erie Canal", 1846.
Fares for packet boats travelling between Albany and Buffalo,
from the National Almanac, 1846, p. 63.

list of places along the Canal list of canal tolls rates of toll for 1846
A list of the principal places on the Erie canal, and their distance from each other / T. Buchanan (Utica, N. Y. : R. W. Roberts, printer, c1846) A table showing the toll per barrel of flour; the toll per 100 lbs per mile; and the toll per 100 lbs. on merchandise, ... / T. Buchanan (Utica, N. Y. : R. W. Roberts, printer, c1846) Table of the new rates of toll on the Erie Canal, as established by the Canal Board, and in effect ..., c.1846 (55 x 21 cm.)
[Source for all 3: An American Time Capsule, Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division,
Printed Ephemera Collection]

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